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The Fifth Witness - Michael Connelly This book is one of the most self-contained books I’ve read in the past while. By that I mean the plot ties up in its own time without seeming forced, everyone gets their just desserts (in my opinion), and you leave the book feeling resolved, like it ended naturally and completely.

Almost nothing in the first fifth drew me in. There was nothing particularly exciting or necessary that compelled me to read further. But having read one book by Michael Connelly before and knowing that this would probably be good, I kept with it.

The character who Mickey Haller – the lawyer protagonist – is defending is, by far, one of the most annoying fictional characters I have ever encountered. But fortunately, there are other redeeming qualities in the book that distract from her insufferable personality.

For someone who will never go to law school, I liked that the book explained a lot of the legal process. It was kind of like Law School LiteLiteLiteLite. It was informative and also gave me an interesting perspective on the proceedings in the court and the way the lawyers presented their cases.

This book isn’t ground-breaking, but I enjoy law-related fiction, so this was a good book to read.