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Six Years - Harlan Coben Flew through this book because I wanted to see how it ended, so it did a great job of getting me hooked. The explanation for it all was not as satisfying a twist as I would have liked but I like the way Harlan Coben reveals the twist near the end, and then fifty more twists in the last few chapters.

My only complaint would be that I found some of the writing to be very corny, particularly near the beginning. I guess Coben was trying to write more conversationally as the lead character is just a regular guy, but it was almost painful to read because there were so many commas and dashes that broke up the sentences unnecessarily. For example:

In the beginning and, well, throughout the book, Harlan Coben's writing was - to say the least - chunky and interrupted by - and I'm not joking - commas, interjections, and dashes that were, at least in my opinion, not, as some would consider, necessary, which made it cumbersome to read - not that I didn't enjoy the book.

Other than that, this is a pretty typical Harlan Coben book. Nothing too special, but if you're a fan of the genre, it would be an enjoyable story.