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Gone Tomorrow - Lee Child This was my first Lee Child book and was pretty disappointed. I don't know if I'd pick up another one of his books without a specific recommendation.

I found 4/5ths of this book to be quite boring. The last fifth was interesting because it made some sense of the earlier portions of the book. However, it just wasn't amazing enough to justify a rather slower start.

In general, the book just wasn't interesting enough. Maybe I just don't have enough background on Jack Reacher as a character, but I didn't really understand his involvement in this case. Other than a coincidence that ties him to an event at the beginning of the book, his involvement seemed so unnecessary. Furthermore, in a book set in modern day (published in 2009), the whole "I don't know how to use a phone or a computer" schtick is not cute.

Jack Reacher was a really smart character but I just didn't care enough for why he was doing what he was doing and the story in general to care.