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Tree of Codes - Jonathan Safran Foer, Visual Editions I'm not giving the book a rating because I didn't read the whole thing, but I wanted to talk about the 30 or so pages I did read, maybe give some curious people a general idea of the book.

There's no denying this book looks awesome. It is definitely a work of art just in the mere printing, cutting words out of the pages, leaving holes and producing pages with less than ten or so words. It's cool to look at and touch. The concept isn't new though. Collage, in the sense of repurposing art, has seen this idea used many times before, creating new works by subtraction and reduction. Props to the author nonetheless for following through by going further than just redaction.

However, the 30 pages I read were essentially nonsense. I'm sure there are people who really got into the story and were swept away by this atypical book, and maybe something better is developed if you stick it out, but after the awe of the impressive physical product wore off, I didn't like what I was reading. It came across like a school project.

"The silence talked, the bright silence argued, time filled the room, the bright silence rising from the clock."

If it had read like a regular book, I probably would have been more willing to read it through and stick with it. Ultimately, it was like reading gibberish, despite my strong appreciation for this book as a concept and as a physical product.