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Now You See Her - Joy Fielding Review Summary: Shallow, cheap mystery with an extremely outdated and overused plot and a dissatisfying and irrelevant conclusion. If you're really that curious about how this story will play out, just read the first and last parts; everything in between is not necessary, entertaining, or thrilling. Otherwise, I'd avoid this book altogether.

The plot is of a parent seeing a glimpse of a child they thought was dead all along is so old. I cannot stress how old and unimaginative that plot is. I'm surprised Joy Fielding even endeavored to write an entire book based on that. However, I'd always liked Fielding's writing style before so I thought I'd give this book a chance.

I was severely disappointed. There were red herrings throughout were cheap and the story as a whole was not exciting.

The resolution was not satisfying. When the truths were revealed, it was clear that this uninspired story had an equally uninspired explanation/conclusion. The ending was hardly related to anything else in the story.

This wasn't one of those cases where my dislike for the book was based on my preference for writing style. I simply think this book wasn't worth the number of pages or time it took to read it; it was a big waste of time